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August 2018 NEWSLETTER

AV / ELUL 5778

Eddie and Laurie Leventhal who received the Springfield Community Beautification Home of the Week Award

Cantor Lauren Bandman whose father Albert Bandman passed away on July 16
May his memory be for a blessing

Sunday, August 5, 10:00 AM

Hope to see you at Temple for our monthly conversation, bagels, coffee, and the usual assortment of Sunday reading. This is not your typical Sunday School - stop by and give it a try.


Driving back last week from a very successful Sports Night, Calvin Murray raised a question that I had never been asked or even considered.
(For those not familiar with Calvin Murray, he was a Woody Hayes' Buckeye, played for the Philadelphia Eagles, and was last year's keynote speaker at Sports Night. Several years ago, Calvin (or Yosef, as he is also known) and his wife Emunah converted to Orthodox Judaism. They have just published a book about their spiritual journeys, entitled From Rose Bowl to Rashi: A Unique Journey to Orthodox Judaism.)
''Rabbi, I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I want to see what you think. Did you ever wonder, if G-d wanted Moses to be His messenger, why didn't He heal Moses' speech impediment?''
''Come again?''
''Rabbi, think about it: G-d told Moses that he had been chosen to be G-d's messenger to Pharaoh and to the Jewish people: to tell Pharaoh that the G-d of Israel wanted him to let the people go, and to tell the people that their period of bondage was about to end. Moses tried to 'weasel' out of it and protested that he was not a man of words, that he was 'heavy of mouth and heavy of speech.' Instead of changing him into someone who might sound more like the Moses played by Charlton Heston, G-d let him remain the way he was - maybe sounding more like Porky Pig!
And then...even when G-d assures Moses that He will have his back and will make sure he has the right words to say, Moses STILL resists. It's not until G-d tells Moses that his brother Aaron is coming to meet him with a joyous heart and will be his spokesman - that is when Moses relents and accepts the job.''
''Gee, Calvin - I never really thought about it. But you're right. What's your take? What do you think we learn from this?''
''Well, Rabbi, it seems to be there are two really important lessons here. And with the High Holidays around the corner, I think they're even MORE important. The first lesson is this: when it comes to what we are called to do in life, we're supposed to do the best we can, but we're not expected to be perfect. In fact, this story seems to tell us that G-d may not even WANT us to be perfect. Nevertheless, we always have to try to do better, even with insufficient resources.
''And that brings us to the second lesson: working to improve ourselves with insufficient resources means that we will have to rely upon others to help us - as Moses had to rely on Aaron. Rather than change Moses into a silver-tongues orator, G-d preferred that Aaron provide the resource that Moses lacked - thus giving Aaron the opportunity to also participate in this sacred mission. If folks were perfect, they would literally lack nothing. If they lacked nothing, they wouldn't need anything or anybody else. If they didn't need anybody else, they might be perfect, but what kind of a world would this be?
''So...I think it was a blessing for Moses to be ''cursed'' with a speech impediment. And the blessing increases when we welcome others who come out ''with a joyous heart'' to help us.
''If even Moses needed some help, why would any of us think we don't?''
Calvin Murray was named the Buckeyes' Most Valuable Player in 1980 and still holds the record for the longest pass reception in Buckeye history (86 yards, 1979).
From my perspective, he continues to prove himself a MOST VALUED MEMBER of our people, with a remarkable penchant and ability for a different kind of ''reception.''
Indeed, with the High Holidays approaching, may his insights inspire us to make the coming year one of growth and blessing.
-- Rabbi Cary Kozberg


This year's annual Sports Night took place on July 23rd, and we are happy to say that it was a great success. We had a large attendance of about 140-145 people, with very good support from our Temple members. The drinks, of course, are always good, and Simply Delicious did a great job with the food and service. We have had many nice compliments on the event and were happy that people really enjoyed themselves.
We were very pleased to present Steve Broidy with the second annual Fred Leventhal Community Spirit Award to recognize and thank him for all he does for both the local community and especially for Temple Sholom. Steve is a significant part of our Temple and is one of the major reasons why we are going as strong as we are. Last year's recipient was Stan Nedelman.
Our speaker, and certainly a major reason for the large turnout, was Braxton Miller. He is a former football standout at Wayne High School, The Ohio State University, and now plays for the Houston Texans in the NFL. Braxton was born and raised in Springfield and transferred to Wayne High School, Huber Heights, so he could start his football career as a freshman. Braxton is active in the Springfield community and financially supports programs that help and support the youth of Springfield. He plans on continuing to give back and do all he can with the youth of our community.
We had a very large and financially successful 50-50 drawing and live auction, which together raised over $3,700. A special thank you goes to Eric Samuelson, who is not a member of our temple but who donated a Nolan Ryan rookie baseball card that he auctioned for $1,250 with all proceeds going to the temple.
We certainly have a long list of people to thank and without whose help and support Sports Night would not have been as successful as it was. Thanks to Kathleen Leonard for all her help in setting up and tearing down for the event and for always being available to do whatever needs doing. Thanks to Adam Leventhal for setting up the bar, procuring the auction items and running the auction itself. Thanks to Mary Jo Leventhal for heading the very successful 50-50 drawing. Thanks to Amy and Alyse Leventhal for helping to recruit Braxton as our speaker and for developing and maintaining our reservation list and paperwork. Thanks to Laurie Leventhal for purchasing the needed serving supplies, working with Simply Delicious, and checking in all guests. Thanks to Diane Smith for financial record-keeping and being sure every penny is accounted for. It was certainly a great team effort. We estimate that we raised nearly $11,000 for the Temple, which made our annual Sports Night a very successful fund- and friend-raising event. We are already looking forward to next year's event.
-- Eddie Leventhal, Event Chair


During our High Holy Day season, we offer special aliyot (honors) to many people. We do so to thank them for their support of Temple Sholom during this past year, both of time and energy, and financial sustenance. We hope that you will accept the honor that is being offered.
And as preparations begin for various events and services, please consider volunteering your time, be it for setting up or preparing food. By being a member of a small congregation, each of you is needed in order to maintain a strong Jewish presence in this community. We hope all of you will choose to observe the coming High Holy Days at Temple Sholom with friends and family.


Please take a moment to mark your calendar for the upcoming High Holy Days. Details along with service times will be available in the September newsletter as well as via e-mail.
Sunday, Sept 9 Erev Rosh Hashanah
Monday, Sept 10 Rosh Hashanah
Friday, Sept 14 Shabbat Shuvah
Tuesday, Sept 18 Kol Nidre
Wednesday, Sept 19 Yom Kippur
Monday, Sept 24 Sukkot
Tuesday, Oct 2 Simchat Torah


The Temple choir has begun rehearsals for High Holidays services each Tuesday at 6:30 pm. Under the able direction of Steve Broidy, the choir sings during each of the 4 services. You are invited to be a part of these services in this meaningful way. Contact Steve for more information.


Will you be traveling during the High Holy Days and attending a synagogue away from your home city? Please let us know if you would like for the office to send a request for courtesy seating for you to attend another Reform synagogue.
Remember that tickets are not required for admission to High Holy Days worship services at Temple Sholom. All services are open to members, their guests, and the community.


Hopefully you have received your letter and form to list the names of your loved ones in this year's Memorial Booklet. Please complete your information and return to the Temple office at your earliest convenience.


A generous donation has been received from Inas Sisler in memory of her husband Jeff

In memory of Marilyn Schneider from Esther Manuel, Sanford and Faye Flack
In memory of Albert Bandman, Cantor Lauren's father, from the Eddie Leventhal Family
In honor of Sandy Silverstein's retirement from Sanford and Faye Flack
In appreciation of Rabbi Kozberg for his service to members of Temple Sholom from Sanford and Faye Flack
In honor of Gary Krauss on his 100th birthday from Sanford and Faye Flack
In memory of Annette Padlow from Sanford and Faye Flack

In honor of Gary Krauss's 100th birthday from Frayda and Larry Beloff

In memory of Bill Latham from Harvey and Lyla Bailin
Best wishes to Dr. N.V. Faklis on his retirement from dentistry from Harvey and Lyla Bailin

With appreciation of Rabbi's officiating the funeral for Annette Padlow from Robert and Carmie Droker

In honor of Laurie Leventhal's birthday from Cathy Bell, Linda Foley


AUG 3: Anne Arnovitz, Ben Broock, Pearle Romanoff, Maisie Demmel, Ruth (Ricky) Kepnes (mother of Ellen Levine), Ben Mazur, Betty Anne Zoldan
AUG 10: Joseph Friedberger, Julius Holzberg, Abraham M. Lapinsky, Dora K. Lebensberger, Dr. David B. Russack (husband of Gail), Riva Stessel, J. Leonard Werber
AUG 17: Phillip Buchfirer, Emma Kossoff, Ruth R. Levin, Moses N. Sanders, Arthur A. Cornez (father of Paul), Theresa Ennis (mother of Barbara Willens)
AUG 24: George C. Hart, Marjorie J. Newman, Elizabeth Rittoff, Sophia Roth, Joyce Carol Burroughs (mother of Lori Nedelman), Naomi Gardner, Mollie Unger (mother of Shirley Leventhal), Eleanor E. Weiss (mother of Jan Spier), Morton J. Weiss (father of Brian), Shereen Willens
AUG 31: Mary Jane Broock, Douglas S. Goldman, Anna R. Kaminsky, David Krauss (grandfather of Rick), Rebecca LaSalle, Lena Myers, Saul Schneider, Minnie Weixelbaum, Martha Irwin (mother of Stephanie Paugh)
SEPT 7: Rebecca Gerson, Louis Feinstein (father of Alan), Aaron Isaac Gordon, Alfred Stein, Paul Lewis Stein, Moshe Zohar (brother of Itzca)