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In appreciation of the many people who gave of their time, heart, and resources to make our observance of the Days of Awe beautiful and meaningful, we would like to say thank you for making a difference.
Our members who made donations for this year's Memorial Booklet
Steve Broidy and Rabbi Kozberg for leading the Cemetery Memorial service at Ferncliff Cemetery
Rabbi Cary Kozberg for his pulpit and community leadership throughout these Days of Awe
Our Shofar Blowers - Doug Klang, Rabbi Cary Kozberg, Jese Shell, Brian Weiss, and Itzca Zohar
Alyse, Amy, and Laurie Leventhal for their preparation of the Rosh Hashanah gift boxes
Kathleen Leonard for her many setups, cleanups, and behind the scenes work
Diane Smith for the many tasks leading up to the holidays
Jacob Daniel for setting up the High Holiday services thru Zoom
A BIG THANK YOU to Steve Broidy for his beautiful musical leadership as well as his organization and participation with the Temple choir. Thank you to our choir members - Jacob Daniel, Priscilla Dixon, Jese Shell, Larry Turyn, and Itzca Zohar - and their accompanist, Carol Harbaugh, for their rehearsals and hard work. These HHD services are truly enhanced by their wonderful music.
The members who participated in the Sukkah decorating and those who donated cornstalks and pumpkins

If you were unable to attend High Holy Days services and would like to have a copy of this year's Memorial Booklet, please contact the office and we will be happy to mail you a copy.

Doug Klang whose ex-wife Louise and the mother of his children, passed away on September 20
May her memory always be for a blessing

Rabbi Kozberg is planning to begin another Adult Education class in November. The topic is ''How to Be a Mensch'' and will focus on Jewish teachings regarding developing positive human traits and ethical behavior. The class will be another noon to 1:00 time and will be done through Zoom. If you are interested, please call Diane at the Temple.

As we recently moved through the High Holy Days, we recalled memories of loved ones who have 'passed away. If you would like to honor these memories by placing a plaque in the Temple's Room of Remembrance, please contact the Temple office. Your donation for each plaque is $300, and this will permanently inscribe their name on our yahrzeit list.


(Thanks to Steven Jacobs)

An old man meets a young man who asks: ''Do you remember me?''
And the old man says no. Then the young man tells him that he was his student.
And the teacher asks: ''What do you do, what do you do in life?''
The young man answers: ''Well, I became a teacher.''
''Ah, how good, like me?'' asks the old man.
''Well, yes. In fact, I became a teacher because you inspired me to be like you.''

The old man, curious, asks the young man at what time he decided to become a teacher. And the young man tells him the following story:

''One day, a friend of mine, also a student, came in with a nice new watch, and I decided I wanted it. I stole it; I took it out of his pocket. Shortly after, my friend noticed that his watch was missing and immediately complained to our teacher, who was you. Then you addressed the class, saying 'This student's watch was stolen during classes today. Whoever stole it, please return it.' I didn't give it back because I didn't want to. You closed the door and told us all to stand up and form a circle. You were going to search our pockets one by one until the watch was found. However, you told us to close our eyes, because you would only look for his watch if we all had our eyes closed. We did as instructed.
''You went from pocket to pocket, and when you went through my pocket, you found the watch and took it. You kept searching everyone's pockets, and when you were done you said, 'Open your eyes. We have the watch.'
''You didn't tell on me, and you never mentioned the episode. You never said who stole the watch either. That day, you saved my dignity forever. It was the most shameful day of my life. But this is also the day I decided not to become a thief, a bad person, etc. You never said anything, nor did you even scold me or take me aside to give me a moral lesson. I received your message clearly. Thanks to you, I understood what a real educator needs to do. Do you remember this episode, professor?'' The old professor answered, ''Yes, I remember the situation with the stolen watch, which I was looking for in everyone's pocket. I didn't remember you because I also closed my eyes while looking.''

This is the essence of teaching: If to correct you must humiliate, you don't know how to teach.''

As our own Tradition teaches: A timid person cannot learn; an impatient person cannot teach.
-Hillel, Pirke Avot 2:5


A very generous contribution from Ann Jacobs-Chitkara with thanks to Rabbi Kozberg for his Adult Education class and the wisdom he shares
A very generous contribution from Gordon and Helen Miller for the opportunity to worship at Temple and talk with the congregants during this past summer
A generous donation has been received from Inas Sisler in memory of her husband Jeff
A generous donation from Alan Barinholtz in appreciation of the High Holiday services

In honor of the yahrzeits for Shereen Willens and Evelyn Ennis from Barbara Willens

In honor of the yahrzeit for Theresa Ennis from Barbara Willens
In memory of our brother-in-law Louis Dollin from Stan and Phyllis Nedelman
In memory of Louise Klang from Char Schiff


OCT 1: Ida Reva Block, Jane L. Ensten, Walter B. Kleeman, Sr.
OCT 8: Hyman E. Levy, Florence A. Tannenbaum, James Goldman (brother of Lloyd), Sandra Marenberg (sister of Gerald), Ruth Miller, Seymour Miller, Lester Stein (father of Leslie Buerki)

OCT 15: Barnett Brizman, Elsa M. Kleeman, Sophia S. Kossoff, Michael N. Maybruck, Daniel Rich, Lance William Rich, Louis Schuman, Hilbert Beloff (brother of Larry), Arthur Nedelman (father of Stan)

OCT 22: Theodore Adler, Harry Bernstein, Julius G. Hoeflich, Samuel Klein, Nathan Rollins, Larry Sanders, Retta Wolff, Esther Zitsman, Ella Farber Katz, Sarah Leventhal (mother of Eddie), Alyse R. Weiss (mother of Brian)

OCT 29: Jack Brammer, Rabbi Janice Garfunkel, Barbara Kempler, Gary Krauss (father of Rick), Sylvia Anne Lapinsky, Pearl S. Levine, Arthur A. Strauss, Gloria L. Zitsman, Eva Wile Friedsam, Gabriel Greenland, David M. Levitan

NOV 5: Helen Pines Alper, Max Beloff (father of Larry), Jacob LaSalle, Abraham Silberberg, Emilie Turyn (sister of Larry)