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Char Schiff, who celebrated her Special Birthday on October 23

TODAH RABBAH...thank you to
- All the volunteers who helped decorate the Temple's sukkah
- Clark's Farm Market for their donation of pumpkins used in the sukkah
- Kapp Construction for their loan of a truck to haul the greens and cornstalks used for the sukkah

Stan and Phyllis Nedelman: 52 Derby Court, Springfield 45503

Kathleen Leonard, whose brother Bob recently passed away

The Temple office will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 26 and 27, in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.


Divinity in the Midst of Garbage

Beginning the Torah reading cycle anew, we read the accounts of Creation and the Flood. Both of these narratives teach us the teaching that is axiomatic to Judaism: every human being is created b'tselem Elokim, in the image of G-d. It is poignantly expressed in a teaching of the Sage Rabbi Joshua ben Levi: ''When a person walks in the street, a procession of angels goes before him and proclaims ''Make way for the image of God!'' (Midrash Deuteronomy Rabbah, 4:4).
Taking other people for granted, we often don't hear those ''angelic voices.'' What follows is an instance of some folks who did:

WSJ 10/17/20
Masada Siegel
Scottsdale, Ariz.

The screeching of the wheels would kick our feet into high gear. Racing to the front of the house, we flew out the front door. We never wanted to miss the recycling truck pick up the big pink bucket in front of our home. We would wave and the driver would honk.
The smile on my toddler son's face would grow as he announced, ''He made beep-beep for me.''
Once we were late, and we missed the truck. My boy was so disappointed that the next week, I flagged the driver down and introduced the two of us.
A cheerful voice from high up in the truck beamed down: ''Nice to meet you, I'm Vince. So great to see you guys all the time.''
''Yes, you are the highlight of the week.'' I smiled. ''Could you give me your phone number?'' He looked at me quizzically. ''If you don't mind texting and letting us know five minutes before you come so we don't miss you - that would be great.''
So began our friendship with Vince. Recently, I said to him, ''It's the little guy's birthday next week. Could you do something special for him?'' I was thinking perhaps Vince would bring him a gift from the Scottsdale recycling program.
As I sat with my preschooler in our driveway drawing with Crayola chalk, waiting for Vince, who had texted me the five-minute warning, we saw the truck rumble down the street. Moments later empty boxes, bottles and plastics all flew into the truck, my son watched with delight. Then, like a superhero in a film, Vince stopped, opened the door, stepped down and walked toward us.
In the years we have known him, we have never seen him out of the truck. He was holding a bag that said ''Birthday Boy'' on it.
He spoke looking at my little guy: ''I know it is your birthday tomorrow but I will not be here, so my little boy helped me pick out a special gift for you.''
He handed my son the bag. Inside was a recycling truck, a school bus, and a fire truck that all lit up and made sounds. My son, delighted and surprised, looked up shyly and thanked him. It was a moment of perfection when everything was right in the world. When a big town got small, and a thoughtful friendship made a little boy feel extra special. It's the little actions that matter, because those are the ones that turn into memories that last a lifetime.

Sanctity in the midst of schmutz.
Divinity in the midst of garbage.
- Rabbi Cary Kozberg


- A generous donation has been received from Ann Chitkara with many thanks for the High Holy Days

- Thank you to Laurie, Eddie, Alyse and Amy Leventhal for their much appreciated assistance during our recent move from Stan and Phyllis Nedelman
- Best Wishes on your Special Birthday to Char Schiff from the Eddie Leventhal Family
- In loving memory of Van Gabbard, father and grandfather, and Temple Sholom from Liz, Drew, Hannah and Evelyn Shanefield

- Happy Birthday Wishes to Eddie Leventhal on his 75th Birthday from Stan and Phyllis Nedelman
- Happy Birthday Wishes to Char Schiff on her Special Birthday from Stan and Phyllis Nedelman
- In memory of Doris Levy Bard, mother of Priscilla Dixon, from Barb Willens
- In memory of your brother to Kathleen Leonard from the Eddie Leventhal Family - In memory of Rabbi Janice Garfunkel from Itzca Zohar

- Jeff left this earth on Nov 14, 2008, and a day has not gone by without missing him. In the words of Edmund Burke: The true way to mourn the dead is to take care of the living who belong to him. Love, Mother, Dad, and Ann Bailin

- In memory of Sandy Collins, mother of Amy Ebner, from Lyla and Harvey Bailin


NOV 6: Helen Pines Alper, Jacob LaSalle, Abraham Silberberg

NOV 13: Gertrude Ann Donn, Jeffrey David Ebner (son of Dick Ebner), Morris Freed, Clarence ''Van'' Gabbard, Joseph S. Lessner, Phillip Mendelson, Joe Pollens, Percy H. Rosenfield, Sr, Ilse B. Sander, Maurice Schechter, Emilie Turyn (sister of Larry Turyn), Murray Ebner, Henrietta Marks Goldman (mother of Lloyd Goldman), David M. Levitan

NOV 20: Max Beloff (father of Larry Beloff), Judy W. Kossoff, Ch. Bleme Maybruck, Louis Rich, Aaron Sachs, Stanley Irwin Sachs, Joseph M. Salzer, Max Stessel, Norma Thurman, Bernard W. Weiser (father of Judith Weiser), Elick Zitsman, Rose Broidy (mother of Steve Broidy), Ruth K. Marcus (mother of Faye Flack), Frances Pollack

NOV 27: Shirley Ruth Buchfirer, Joseph Ebner, Joseph Fishbain, Ida Holzman, Martin A. Levine (father of Jeff Levine), Harry Myers, Sarah P. Silberberg, Edward Frand, Norman Myron Weiser

DEC 4: Laura Ackerman, Harry Berman, Sanford ''Rik'' Newman, Ethel H. Sanders, Raymond Schneider (father of Bruce and Larry Schneider), Ben Farber, Leonard Kurland, Tillie Shifman, Albert Viton