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- David Krauss, who was graduated from the Ohio State University on December 16 and is currently in training with the Springfield Police Academy

At a Nazi rally in Nuremberg, Hitler is screaming, ''Who causes all of Germany's problems?'' An old man in the crowd shouts back, ''The bicycle riders.'' Hitler is taken by surprise and asks, ''Why the bicycle riders?'' To which the old man replies, ''Why the Jews?''
That was the 1930's - we're still asking the question in the 21st century.

Just a note to thank you for your Hannukah gift, which is very much appreciated. Please know I feel privileged to once again serve as Temple Sholom's rabbi and look forward to our continuing our Jewish journey together. Wishing all of you best wishes for 2019.
-- Rabbi Kozberg

Thank you for your generous holiday gift as well as your support and friendship during these past years. May 2019 be healthy and happy for you - Diane Smith

Some pursue happiness - others create it; and you bring it into the life of others. Thank you. ''Just wanted to thank all of you for your kindness''
- The Leonard Family

There is a need within our Shabbat service attendees for a full-size mattress and springs, which would also include the bedframe, if available. If you have such bedding available to donate or know someone who would be willing to provide this, please contact the Temple office as soon as possible.


A rabbi, a priest and an imam all received a message from G-d. G-d has had enough of humanity's sins and intends to punish them with a flood, more lethal than Noah's.
The priest goes to his people, reports the message, and asks them to repent, confiding in Jesus for their admission to heaven.
The imam goes to his people, reports the message and tells them to accept the will of Allah.
The rabbi goes to his people and says, ''People, we have only a few days to learn how to live under water.''

An old story, this joke pokes fun at our age-old ability to respond to crisis, adversity, and catastrophe with resolve and creativity. Given recent events - Pittsburgh and Toledo - it is clear we Jews in America are facing a new challenge that calls for our need to ''learn to live underwater,'' as it were.
What do I mean? Although he knows his folks are totally unaccustomed to living underwater, the rabbi in the joke also knows that, given the catastrophe which threatens them, they will have to learn how to adapt if they are to survive.
As a rule, we Jews abhor violence. Our Tradition teaches ''seek peace and pursue it''; Jewish kids are taught from an early age to try to solve problems through non-violent means. They are hard-wired to ''play nice, don't fight.'' When we are threatened with violence as a group or even as individuals, we go to great lengths to seek a non-violent resolution. When that is not possible, we rely on external sources (e.g. law enforcement) for protection.
But we are learning that times are different. We Jews in America are facing new circumstances to which we must adapt: we have to learn to ''live underwater.'' We who prefer to ''seek peace and pursue it'' must now realize that, unlike any other time since Jews came to these shores in the 1600's, we are more vulnerable to the machinations of enemies who live among us. For the sake of our survival, it is time that we learn a different mindset and set of skills that will insure our well-being against those who mean to do us harm - but not diminish our humanity or our belief in life's sanctity.
This is the challenge that every synagogue and Jewish institution now faces. Temple Sholom is no exception, and we are responding pro-actively. Our Security Committee has been meeting and consulting with various experts. We have begun to institute various measures to strengthen security at the Temple - measures that may even seem strange, inappropriate, or unnecessary to some. But be assured: every measure being put into place has been discussed and vetted, and we are working to be aware of, and respond to, every possibility.
Even if it was possible for human beings to learn to live underwater, it would still take some time to acclimate. Thankfully, the challenge we now face is not as dramatic as a deluge. But it still will require that we take time to acclimate - with the wisdom to be adaptable and the strength to be courageous.
The Passover Haggadah reminds us: ''In every age, some rise up to destroy us.'' We Jews in America are now experiencing that truth. May we be blessed with both adaptability and courage, as well as a resolve that, with G-d's help, we will continue as a people called by G-d to be His ''walking commercials'' in this world.
-- Rabbi Cary Kozberg

SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 5 - 7:00 PM

Temple members and friends of the Temple are invited to attend the 5th annual Israeli-Kosher wine tasting event. A sampling of 6 Israeli wines with specially-paired appetizers will be held at Temple Sholom on Saturday, March 23, 2019 with the first wine pairing presented promptly at 5:00 p.m. Please contact Diane at the Temple at 399-1231 to make your reservations. Cost of this event is $30/person and $50/couple. Seating is limited to the first 75 confirmed (paid) reservations. Last year was a sell-out, so get your reservations in early. Grab your friends and join us for a great experience. For more information, contact Diane at the Temple of Mary Jo and Adam Leventhal at 284-8027.

Family plaques in memory of Marilyn Schneider and Gary Krauss have been inscribed and now hang in the Room of Remembrance.
A Hands in Friendship plaque donated by members and friends in memory of Marilyn Schneider has also been installed in Temple Sholom’s Room of Remembrance.


- A generous donation has been received from Drew and Liz Shanefield in memory of her father, Van Gabbard

- In memory of Gary Krauss from Mark Robertson

- In memory of Van Gabbard from Rick and Anna Krauss

- With appreciation and request to continue receiving Temple Sholom's newsletter from Joseph and Anita Kohler


JAN 4: Sarah Endelman, Bernice Jean Gerson, Morris M. Gold, Toby Katz, Anne Reich Krauss, Erie Maybruck, Clara Mendelson, Sophie Rubinoff, Harry Sachs, Siegfried Sander, Sam Schechter, Emma Schoenthal, Manuel L. Soble, Oscar Werber, Samuel Farber, Jack Leventhal (father of Aaron), Lillian Leventhal, Mary Schoemer

JAN 11: Jacob Kleeman, Rose Krauss, Abraham Schechter, Sonia Schechter, Antonio Espinoza, Jr (brother of Rose Weiss)

JAN 18: Lilly Balicer, Beryl Kaufman, Dora Long, Samuel Draisen, Arjae Kurtzhant (father of Itzca Zohar), Nellie Marenberg (mother of Gerald), Rachel Zohar, Rae Zoldan (mother of Gail)

JAN 25: Fannie B. Frand, Harry B. Hoffman, Isaac Levine, Tilly L. Levy, Ruth Maybruck, Bernard C. Zitsman, Robert Arthur Buerki (father of Bob), Ethel Grodner (mother of Jack), Hyman Kohn, Miriam Kurland (sister of Alan Feinstein)

FEB 1: Lois Bernstein, Louis Broock, Rosa Gardner, Max D. Gross, Nathan Klein, Nelson B. Paris, Ida Florence Zitsman, Priscilla Lind (mother of Bobbi Mugford)